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Administrative Information

From time-to-time you will be required to carry-out general administrative tasks as part of the ongoing maintenance of your Corporate Card Programme.

We have provided a list of tasks below and outlined the processes required by you and the service delivery you will receive.


  1. Applying for a Card
  2. Approval / delivery of Cards (new and urgent Cards)       
  3. Statement Delivery
  4. How to pay your account
  5. Direct Debit
  6. Dispute a charge
  7. Late payment charges
  8. Renewal and replacement Cards
  9. Lost or stolen Cards
  10. Cancel a Card
  11. Reinstate a cancelled Card
  12. Chip & Pin

Applying for a Card

Helpful tips for completing an application form

  • Either print the application form and complete using black ink, or complete it on your computer screen. When completing on your computer screen, click in the first empty box and simply enter your name. Either click in the next text box or click 'tab'.
  • When completing personal details, please ensure the following:
    • enter full name
    • provide at least one telephone number (home and/or office)
    • specify home NL address
    • provide mother's maiden name and your date of birth
    • sign the application form and provide a Company authorised signature
  • Once completed, print out the form and sign where marked. Please note, save a copy. The Programme Administrator (you) needs to receive the application form and check if everything is filled in correctly, please make sure all is completed before processing.

Approval / delivery of new Cards

Complete the Cardmember Application Form and fax, along with a cover page, to American Express Customer Service Team on + 31 (0)20 504 8006 - or scan and email it to . Decline decisions are sent in writing to the Administrator and to the Card Applicant within 5 days. Due to data protection reasons, it might be that American Express is not able to disclose to the Aministrator the reason for the decline.


It usually takes between seven to nine working days to process Card Applications form from receipt to account set-up. Due to fraud prevention reason, Cards are delivered but are not activated until the Card member calls in to the number given with the Card.

Approval / delivery of urgent Cards

In the event that you need a Card delivered urgently, please fax or email your request with your application form to +31 (0)20 504 8006 or  by 1 pm  for delivery the next working day before 6 pm. Please specify the following information:

  •  URGENT in the fax header
  •  That you accept the fee of €22.50 ( which will appear on your statement )
  •  A date and time the Card is required by and any special delivery instructions
  • Please ensure that you have completed all fields on the application form and that it has been approved by a Company Authoriser. ( application forms cannot be authorised by the applicant )
  • These Cards are only valid for 3 months and will not have Chip & Pin functionality
  • The Card will be send by DHL. DHL does not deliver on Saturday and Sunday.  

Please note the Urgent request delivery of the Card can only be done for the American Express Corporate Card, KLM Corporate and Corporate Meeting Card.

Statement delivery

Statements for individually billed Corporate Cards are made available via the secure Online Services and in most cases no longer sent on paper. In order to receive the monthly e-mail alert, informing the Cardmembers that the new statement is available online for review, the Cardmembers need to register for Online Services via and register their e-mail address. The online statement can then be downloaded as a PDF. For more information please contact your American Express Account Manager. If Cardmembers need help enrolling in the Online Services they can contact American Express Customer Service (phone number on the back of their Card).

For centrally billed Corporate Cards you will continue to receive paper statements.

Statements are received in seven working days of cycle cut (Postal service is out of American Express control)

If a statement has not been received, please contact the American Express Customer Services for a replacement statement. The Cardmembers receive their Card statement by post within three to five working days.

How to pay your account

Direct Debit:

This is the easiest and most convenient method of payment. Once the Direct Debit instruction is activated, the Corporate Card account is automatically paid in full each month.

Home Banking / Internet Banking:

Central payments:
Bank: Deutsche Bank
To the attention of: American Express Services Europe Limited
Swift/Bic Number: DEUTNL2A
Iban Number: NL63 DEUT 0265 1880 40

Please add your full American Express Company account number as a reference

For detailed instructions please download our Corporate Payment guide.
Payment of individual Cards:
Bank: Deutsche Bank
To the attention of: American Express Services Europe Limited
Swift/Bic Number: DEUTNL2A
Iban Number: NL63 DEUT 0265 1880 40

Please add your full American Express Corporate Card as a reference

Direct Debit

Cardmembers can setup a direct debit via the Corporate Customer Service telephone number on +31 (0)20 504 8700.

Direct Debit is collected from the bank account 28 days after the statement date, unless otherwise agreed with the Company. The monthly statement will advise the date the payment will be collected for that month.

Dispute a charge

For enquiries relating to transactions on your statement, please contact American Express Customer Services on +31 (0) 20 504 8700, Corporate Gold Cardmembers can contact + 31 (0) 20 200 8244.

Late Payment charges

It is the Cardholders responsibility to settle his or her American Express Corporate Account in full by the due date. American Express standard terms include the right to impose a late payment charge for amounts that are 32 days overdue. American Express may temporarily suspend the account if there is an outstanding balance over 32 days old. This should be lifted once payment has been received. If balances are still outstanding at 90 days the American Express Card will be cancelled.

Late payment charges are applied to individual Cards in the following situations:

  • 32 days overdue : 1,5% and a minimum of €15
  • 60 days overdue : 3% and a minimum of €30

Renewal Cards

Depending on the account setup, the renewal Cards are send either directly to the Cardmember or to the Company Administrator. Cards are received two to three weeks prior to expiry of the current Card.

Replacement Cards

Please contact American Express Customer Service Team on +31 (0)20 504 8700 and for Corporate Gold Cardmembers on +31 (0)20 200 8244 to request a replacement Card. The team will ask the reason for replacement and confirm where the Card will be delivered.


Lost or Stolen Cards

Immediately contact American Express Customer Services on +31 (0)20 504 8700 to block the lost or stolen Card. After office hours please contact +31 (0)20 504 8666 as soon as possible. American Express will issue a replacement Card. In an emergency American Express can provide a replacement Card, usually within 48hours. (no chip & pin Card possible, this will always be magstripe Card)

Cancel a Card

To cancel three Cards or less, please contact the American Express Customer Service Team on

+ 31(0) 20 504 8700 and for Corporate Gold Cardmembers on +31 (0)20 200 8244 with the Cardmember name and the Cardnumber.

To cancel more than three Cards, please send a fax  or email to the American Express Customer Service Team on +31 (0)20 504 8006 or
 with the Cardmember name and the Cardnumber.

Cards that are cancelled by fax or email will be actioned within five working days upon receipt.

Reinstate a cancelled Card

If a Cardmember account has been cancelled with a zero balance, American Express will review the account to determine if it can be reinstated.

If the Card has been cancelled due to non-payment reinstatement can be requested by using the Reinstatement form, you can retrieve this from from the Corporate Back office team +31 (0)20 504 8999.

Any reinstated Card due to previous non-payment, incure a reinstatement charge of €150 ( this cost is non-reimbursable )         

It may not always be possible to reinstate a Card. The Card should be destroyed if the account can't be reinstated.

Chip & Pin

The PIN will be sent separately just before or after receipt of the Card. If Cardmembers forget their PIN, they can always view their PIN online, by logging on to Online Services at If not enrolled yet, Cardmembers can easily register for Online Services via the above link.


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