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Business Travel Account

The American Express BTA is designed to simplify the daily administration of all your travel documents and tickets. Held in the Company name, it is a centrally billed and paid account lodged at a Travel Agent of your choice, on which you book all your travel expenses. With one consolidated payment you can pay all your travel expenses. In this way you will avoid separate labour intensive invoices and thus saving both time and money.

BTA Online Services

The below documents show you step by step how to access and download your BTA Statement via American Express @ Work. If you're not registered yet for American Express @ Work you should follow this document first.

How does the BTA work?

  • Make your reservations at your Travel Agent and specify the BTA as form of payment.
  • Your Travel Agent will send you a pro-forma invoice and send the booking details through to American Express
  • American Express will pay the Airline (when it concerns an airline ticket) and the Travel Agent (for all other tickets/costs). You no longer have outstanding invoices at your Travel Agent.
  • In case of a refund, the airline will credit the BTA directly. The refund term may vary according to the type and will be decided by the airline company.
  • It is very important that you check your statement upon receipt.

Contact the BTA unit for:

  • More information regarding the content of the statement
  • Explanation and advice on the sorting options available on your statement
  • Queries about specific transactions
  • A copy of the statement
  • Changing statement recipient details
  • A change in your company name (you also need to inform your Travel Agent - see below)

For questions please call + 31 (0) 20 504 8999

Contact your Travel Agent for:

  • Your Trip reservation
  • A copy of the pro-forma invoice
  • Requesting a refund
  • Requesting a form authorising a specific employee as contact person
  • Changing the address on the pro-forma invoices
  • A change in your company name (you also need to inform the BTA Unit - see above) 

How to pay for the transactions on the BTA statement?

There are 2 options:

  1. Direct Debit:  The amount will be taken from your bank account on the agreed preset date after statement cut-off. This way you will always pay on time and avoid late payment charges
  2. Bank Transfer: It is important that you always pay the full statement balance. If your Company has more than one BTA, please make separate payments and always quote the Statement ID with your payment.


Deutsche Bank


NL63 DEUT 0265 1880 40



For questions please call + 31 (0) 20 504 8999

Additional Insurance:

  • Your employees are automatically insured (24hours a day, for a period of 30 days for an amount up to €350.000) during their business trip in case of an accident , if the travel has been booked through the American Express BTA.
  • If the traveller has an American Express Corporate Card the following insurances also apply:

    - Business Travel Inconvenience Insurance (maximum coverage €1.050)

    - Business Travel Baggage and Personal Possessions Insurance (maximum coverage €5.000)

For the General and Insurance Terms and Conditions we refer to "product information" in the top menu.

BTA Connect

A unique online network that streamlines reconciliation, and allows you to communicate securely with your Travel Management Company and American Express Customer Services. For more information about the American Express Business Travel Account, please contact your Account Manager. 

Online Statements

In 2010 we introduced Online Statements for the Business Travel Account. With Online Statements you have 24/7 access to up to 13 months of statement history via our secure, online tool American Express @ Work®. Statement recipients will receive an e-mail alert when the new BTA statement is available to view online. BTA Online Statements are available through American Express @ Work and can be downloaded in PDF or CSV format. With our Flexible Statement File (CSV format), you can easily filter, sort and manipulate your BTA data, allowing for improved analysis and simpler reconciliation


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